Design Team

The studio design team consists of interior designers, contractors and a surface supplier for all your design needs. Owner Laura Evans has been joined by seven additional interior design professionals with the same love and enthusiasm for design… Patrice Westphal, Shannon Ponciano, Lori Brock, Bre Anna Calixtro, Paula Kotchik, Hanna Jones and Chris Setser.  Each of the team members has their own design business, working within Urban I.D. This enables them to continue working with their own clients, meet new clients through the studio, have access to an endless supply of vendors, and have the ability to work alongside colleagues on a daily basis, providing additional inspiration.

Click on the websites below to be directed to each designer’s own website, which will enable you to learn more about them, and view their portfolios.

Laura Evans - Owner/Interior Designer

Laura’s design inspiration comes from her clients; working together to create a wonderful space is her favorite part of the process. Laura feels that transforming a room can be as simple as adding window treatments, or as elaborate as a full room makeover.

Patrice Westphal

Patrice Westphal – Interior Designer

Patrice believes that especially in Oregon, our living spaces should be comfortable, inviting and happy! Color, texture, balance, scale and style play an important role in creating that kind of space. You do have a “style” let Patrice help you find it.

Shannon Ponciano – Interior Designer

Shannon is a lover of life and has a passion for design, fashion and style. Shannon has the ability to help people create functional rooms that reflect their personal style. She is a great listener and has a way of understanding exactly what her client is trying to achieve.

Lori Brock – Interior Designer/Contractor

Lori has over 25 years of award winning experience in the remodeling and design industry, designing homes and facilities across the country. Lori’s utmost attention to her client’s lifestyle, wishes, dreams and budget is the biggest compliment most given after a project is completed. From inception to completion, Lori will make your design dreams a reality.

Paula Kotchik

Paula Kotchik – Interior Designer

A client’s surroundings should reflect their own style and personality.  Paula has always been inspired by fashion in her interior design. It’s best to have classic pieces and then incorporate a pop of color or a new trend to keep things fresh.  It’s up to your style and comfort level.

Chris Setser

Chris Setser - Contractor/Surface Broker

Chris’s goal is to not only help you design and install your floors & counters, but to make the process easy and enjoyable for you. Surface Brokers is a full-service design/supply/install company with a wide range of experience. They can help you with all phases of residential and commercial new construction or remodeling: finding/procuring products, designing, and installation.

Bre Anna Calixtro

Bre Anna Calixtro – Interior Designer

BreAnna has a deep and pure love for everything design! She is a “people person” and takes great pleasure and excitement in getting to know clients while directing them through the design process. Whether you need an entire remodel or just some accessorizing, Bre is here to help you! It is her mission to transform a space from what you have, to what you DREAM about having!

Hanna Jones – Interior Designer

It’s simple, you should love where you live. Taking the time to establish an open line of communication with her clients, Hanna creates edited and thoughtful interiors that genuinely reflect the individual, the home and the way they come together. Creating classic and timeless interiors that incorporate that splash of electric and unique is Hanna’s signature on a space.

Tiffany Pays & Danielle McGrain

Tiffany Pays & Danielle McGrain – Jr. Designers

Tiffany and Danielle assist in the daily operations of the Design Team; including everything from product selection and ordering to billing. We aren’t sure what we would all do without them!